Programme (2011-10-03)

2011 Presentations

Lekgotla Day 1 - Monday, 10 October 2011

Session 1

   Lekgotla Welcome

   2011 State of Air Report - Mahema

Session 2

   State of Air Quality Management - Chetty

   Progress with Air Quality and Climate Change Management in Guateng - Taviv

   Sector approach to Air Quality Management in the Eastern Cape - Mardon

Session 3

   Managing air quality in the Eden District - Schoeman

   Small Industry Database and its challenges - van der Merwe

   Air Quality Management - Education and awareness in the City of Cape Town -

Session 4

   Monitoring Strategy - Chetty

   Development of draft accreditation requirements for stack emission monitoring and
     sampling - Matshediso

Lekgotla Day - Tuesday, 11 October 2011

Session 1

   National licensing service delivery review undertaken - Lushaba

   Best available Techniques for Odour Management - Scott

   The 1st Generation Governance Best Practice Manual - Moja

   Establishment of the National Reference Laboratory - Gwaze

Session 2

   Sugar cane Burning Policy in KwaZulu-Natal - Mthembu

   Alignment of NEMA and SEMA to Local Government Legislation - Hlanyane

   Burning Guidelines

   Feedback on the development of Air Quality Modelling Regulations - Gwaze

Session 3

   Compliance Monitoring and Enforcement

Session 4

   The National Air Quality Officer's Report and feedback on the 2010 Lekgotla  Resolutions - Mdluli

DEA / NACA Multi-Stakeholder Workshop Day 3 - Wednesday, 12 October 2011

Session 1

   Atmospheric Emission Licenses - Lotter

Session 2

   The NAQO Air Quality Management Planning Support Programme - Masekoameng

Session 3

   Presentation of the National Emission Inventory Development Project

   Emission Inventory compilation in Michigan, USA - Shanley