2008 Documents

   1-3 2008 Lekgotla Aims and Objectives

   1-4 State of Air Report and AQMPs, T Mahema

   2-1 Command and Control Emissions Regulation and the governance cycle

   2-2 APPA Authorisation Regime

   2-3 AQA authorisation regime

   2-4 Differences btw APPA-AQA Authorisation Regimes

   2-5 APPA-AQA transition projects

   3-1 Problems with APPA's authorisation regime, AQA solutions

   3-3 City of Joburg's Implementation of CAPCO Power

   3-4 City of Joburg's preparations for AELs

   4-2 AEL Manual

   5-1 Rollout of AEL User Manual

   5-2 MSA S[1].78 Report - Sedibeng's experience

   5-3 Model By-Laws

   5-4 EIA-AEL procedural relationship

   6-1 Progress in Air Quality Management in the Western Cape

   6-2 Khayelitsha Air Pollution Study (part 1)

   6-2 Khayelitsha Air Pollution Study (part 1)